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Legally Pink Law is your Orlando medical malpractice resource for compensation for medical negligence and medical mistakes. Today we’re sharing news from The Huffington Post to set the record straight on the relation of medical malpractice claims and the cost of healthcare.

The narrative goes something like this: healthcare costs are rising due to frivolous lawsuits. Doctors are now so burdened by malpractice insurance that they’re turning away from the profession and high-risk patients. The problem is, the narrative is just plain wrong. Dr. David Belk shares that his entire malpractice insurance cost for 2013 was just $3,549. Hardly the skyrocketing figure that would send US Health Care into exorbitant inflation.

At Legally Pink Law, we have previously shared the protective nature of malpractice claims. They do, in fact, protect consumers from medical wrongdoing. And now you’ve heard it straight from a doctor. Health care costs are rising, but you can’t blame the patients wronged by medical malpractice for that.

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