Carolyn Salzmann is committed to personal injury and medical malpractice law due to her passion for helping keep families safe. After a #cordsafety Twitter chat, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission began a push to inform parents of the best way to keep kids safe from window cords, and we’re sharing that information here today.

Tying up window cords is how most parents in the Twitter chat handled cord safety, but this can lead to a false sense of security. One child strangles in window cords nearly every month, even when cords are tied up high. Instead, parents should opt for cordless window treatments or install shades with inaccessible cords. Retrofit kits are available.

Exposed cords must be inaccessible to children. Tying them up and/or knotting them up can be dangerous. Legally Pink Law reminds you to keep your family safe! Visit the CPSC’s Window Covering Cords Information Center for more cord safety information.