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Vehicle accident claims are rapidly becoming more and more difficult. Insurance companies are increasingly arguing their clients didn't cause the accident, or – even worse – claiming your injuries were not the result of the collision.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a car accident, whether by a drunk driver, distracted driver, or other negligent action, you need dynamic legal counsel who possesses the skills to challenge and demolish deceptive insurance tactics.

At Legally Pink Law, our managing attorney is also an accomplished engineer. Her in-depth knowledge of both the biomechanics of an injury and personal injury law equips us with the formidability required to hold liable parties fully accountable for the damages they caused.

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While other firms might need to settle for less than what you deserve, we are able to truly prove who was at fault and the complete extent and ramifications of your injuries. The aggressive advocacy of our Orlando car accident attorneys has resulted in millions of dollars in recovery for thousands of clients throughout Florida and across the country.

Car Accident Statute Of Limitations Florida

A "statute of limitations" is a law that places a time restriction on how long after your crash you are able to file a personal injury or property damage claim. According to Florida Statutes section 95.11(3)(a), personal injury claims following the crash must be filed within 4 years of the date of the accident. There is also a 4 year time limit for filing a property damage claim. The only exception to this rule is if someone was killed in the accident; in which case a wrongful death claim must be filed no later than 2 years after the accident.

Is Florida a "No Fault" State?

Yes. Florida operates under the "no-fault" policy when it comes to pursuing legal action for a car accident in Florida.

How Does Florida No-Fault Insurance Work?

A no fault policy mandates that when attempting to obtain compensation for your accident, your own insurance company will be the one to cover any medical costs or other financial damages resulting from the accident. However, there is an exception to this rule where the victim is able to file a third party claim against the responsible party if they suffered serious injuries in the accident.

What To Do After a Car Accident

After a car accident, it is most important that you ensure that you and the parties involved are okay. Once you are certain that everyone is okay, it is in your best interest to do the following:

  • Take photos of injuries and vehicle damage done
  • File a police report, if necessary
  • Gather witness testimony, if possible
  • Exchange insurance and contact information with the others involved in the accident
  • Seek the help of an attorney

What Are the Most Common Injuries & Damages in Car Accidents?

As expected, car wrecks can often result in injuries, minor and serious, including:

  • Sprain of the back and/or neck
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Knee and/or shoulder injury
  • Scarring of the skin
  • Concussion or another head injury
  • In unfortunate events, fatality

We concentrate on your case so you can focus on healing.

Our firm solely practices personal injury law, nothing else. With no other matters to distract us, we can deliver the diligent attention to detail and honed legal acumen you deserve. At Legally Pink Law, we recognize how highly stressful the aftermath of an accident is for you and your family. Our Orlando car accident attorneys will work vigorously to move your claim along so you can concentrate on getting better.

We manage all the details of your case, including:

  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Investigating the cause of your accident
  • Collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Handling your insurance claim process
  • Reviewing medical billing

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Getting an insurance company to admit liability is only the first hurdle. Unfortunately, unseasoned law firms might stop there and accept the first settlement offer that comes along. Most insurance companies employ tactics to undermine the extent of your injuries and the cost of your damages in an effort to lessen the amount rightfully owed to you and your family. We can help you pursue your fully deserved compensation. Our methods include:

  • Assessing the current and future financial impact of your injury so you can be accurately compensated
  • Advocating for complete restitution for the loss in value of your vehicle
  • Demonstrating how your injury has impacted your life and your career, both now and in the future

Passionate Advocates on Your Side

Our team of attorneys and licensed insurance adjusters, we provide the compassionate counsel you deserve and the hard-hitting representation you need for your car accident case. We are a boutique law firm, which means we are able to keep our client to attorney ratio low and can provide the high level of personal attention you can trust to safeguard your best interests.

Our dedicated Orlando car accident lawyers are available 24/7 to address your concerns and we accept no fees unless we win. Whether your accident has resulted in any of the following, we can help:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain injury
  • Fractures
  • The wrongful death of a loved one

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