Driving in the rain

With hurricane season upon us, there’s more of a chance of automobile accidents in Orlando, Florida. Legally Pink Law wanted to discuss the specific laws regarding hazard lights during storm usage. Nowadays, Facebook is an open forum to air complaints and grievances that people experience on a daily basis and not too long ago, there was a post that read, “Someone please tell Florida drivers! Rain or shine, Florida law says keep your hazards off unless you are staled or sitting on the side of the road.”

Now if you have lived in Florida during any of the rainy seasons you know that people put their hazard lights on during dangerous weather conditions when there is poor visibility. Many people believe it’s a safer option and that there will be less of a chance of getting rear-ended or side swiped. However, explains that, “hazards disable the turn signals. They also make it harder to tell if the motorist ahead is tapping on the brakes. Other drivers might assume the hazard lights are being properly used and swerve to avoid a vehicle they think has stopped in the highway.”

It is illegal to use your hazard lights during a storm. However, make sure to turn on your low beam headlights when driving during sunrise, sunset, or during a storm. Also, always make certain to use your turn signals in times of poor visibility so other vehicles see you on the road. If you have been involved in an automobile accident and need a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando, Florida then please give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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