What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Female Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you’re little, the first person you call for after getting hurt is your mother. Women are naturally nurturing, and this kind of compassion, personal care, and attention can be extremely beneficial during a personal injury lawsuit. Additionally, some individuals prefer a female attorney for more sensitive injuries, such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, and defective products for the urinary and reproductive tracts (e.g., transvaginal mesh and breast implants).

A Rare Breed

Unfortunately, female personal injury attorneys can be hard to find. Studies show that female are underrepresented in civil law, particularly in the field of personal injury. In personal injury cases, 79% of lead attorneys are male. Although more female than men now graduate from law school, few of them end up leading personal injury lawsuits. The female who do typically run their own firms.

This is the case at Legally Pink Law, where Attorney Carolyn Salzmann leads a team of nurturing, yet no-nonsense female personal injury lawyers. As an accomplished attorney and a working engineer, Carolyn has a unique insight into the mechanics of car crashes and other accidents. As one of the few female personal injury attorneys in central Florida, Carolyn is specially equipped to guide you and your family through this difficult time with support and compassion.

Women Fighting for Women

After an accident or injury, people can be very vulnerable. Individuals who have experienced trauma or violence may simply need a softer touch. This can be extra true for female, who may seek a fellow woman who truly understands what they are going through.

Further, some injuries affect female differently. For example, a woman may need a female attorney after a birth injury wreaks havoc on her reproductive system or a negligent doctor botches a breast reduction surgery. Even brain injuries can affect female differently than they affect men.

Some female simply don’t want to turn to a male attorney after an invasive medical procedure goes wrong or a defective birth control device leaves them infertile. Female personal injury lawyers have a deeper insight into female’s bodies and the way certain issues, like medical malpractice and defective medical devices, can affect those bodies.

When this is the case, Attorneys Carolyn Salzmann and Jennifer Aybar Karr are here to help.

Finding a Female Lawyer

Although finding a female lawyer can be difficult, you are already in the right place. Legally Pink Law is a female-led law firm in the Orlando area, and we can help men, female, and families get through the personal injury process with grace, compassion, and a woman’s touch.

If your instinct after an injury is to call your mother, or an injury has prevented you from becoming one, consider contacting someone who has experienced healthcare as a woman and raised children herself.

Our team has insight not only from our femininity but also from our professional experience – Carolyn has worked as an engineer and Jennifer has worked closely with judges and as a prosecutor. Together, we have over 30 years of combined legal experience in both appellate and trial court settings. Our firm is nationally recognized and provides a nurturing, no-nonsense approach.

Call us at (888) 979-4941 or contact us online today to schedule your free consultation and discover the benefits of hiring a female personal injury attorney for yourself.

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