Hit and Run? Call Legally Pink Law


As your Orlando car accident attorney, Legally Pink Law, PLLC is constantly staying up to date on car accidents in the news. Recently a man fled the scene after hitting another car with his SUV and sending it into a Winter Park day care on April 9th.

A four-year old girl, Lily Quintis was killed as the result of this tragic day care accident. Thirteen children and one adult were injured in addition to the death of Lily Quintis. The accident was initially a hit-and-run, but the at-fault driver eventually turned himself over to authorities following media coverage after the accident.

Hit-and-run accidents are all too common and the at-fault driver is usually looking to avoid penalty. Whether they are driving without insurance, evading police due to other outstanding legal issues, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, hit-and-run accidents pose a particular set of challenges for accident victims.

As your Orlando car accident attorney, we know that tragic accidents like this are capable of happening at any moment. Contact Legally Pink Law, PLLC if you or a loved one has been the victim of an unfortunate auto accident. Even in hit-and-run situations, you will benefit from the advice of a seasoned attorney.