greyhound bus vor leuchtturm

As your Orlando car accident attorney, we know that your life can be altered in a split second when it comes to being involved in an auto accident. Recently an Atlanta-bound Greyhound bus was involved in a fatal five-car crash.

Nearing the Florida-Georgia border on April 4th, a Greyhound bus became involved in a crash initiated by a Buick driving the wrong way on I-75 in Florida. The bus and two other vehicles swerved to avoid a head-on collision with the Buick. Unfortunately the Buick struck a Ford Expedition killing the drivers of both vehicles. Of the 42 passengers aboard the bus, thirteen were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. They are unsure whether alcohol played a role in the wrong way driving. A replacement Greyhound driver was sent to pick up the unharmed passengers and they continued their journey to Atlanta.

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