At Legally Pink Law, PLLC, we’re your Orlando product liability attorneys for consumer advocacy and protection. Today we report that the US Consumer and Product Safety Commission has updated a previous report on the dangers of single-use liquid packets for dishwasher soaps.

We know that a 7 month-old Florida baby passed away after ingesting the contents of one dishwasher packet. After further research, reports of children unintentionally injuring themselves with packets now number over 1,230. Injuries include swallowing the detergent and getting the chemical in their eyes or on their skin. The Poison Help Line reports even more: Nearly 17,500 incidents!

If you continue to use these products, please heed the warnings below before your own children or guests come into contact with the packs:

  • Do not let children handle laundry packets
  • Do not puncture or take packets apart
  • Do not leave loose packets around – keep them stored securely in the container
  • Store out of a child’s sight and reach in their original containers
  • Keep containers closed and dry
  • Read and follow package warnings and instructions

If you or your child swallows or is exposed to these chemicals, call Poison Help immediately at (800) 222-1222. As always, contact us at Legally Pink Law, PLLC if you believe someone you love has been injured due to product liability.