If you have been a victim of a medical malpractice case in Orlando, Florida then please give Legally Pink Law a call today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. Doctors have experience and training that all of us rely on to help diagnose our problems, treat medical conditions, and even perform complex surgical procedures. However, there are those doctors that do not have the same passion for excellence that others do. Those doctors are the ones whose diagnosis and treatment often fall below the standard of care causing injury to you or a loved one.

However, there was a new law that a handful of lawyers are trying to overturn that better protects these negligent doctors from facing medical malpractice lawsuits. These lawyers that filed separate lawsuits in state and federal courts believe that this law violates the right to privacy in the state constitution as well as a federal law that protects the patient’s privacy.

“With everything that is happening in the federal government right now involving the invasion of privacy of U.S. citizens by their government, it is appalling to know that in Florida, our legislature and governor have authorized doctors to divulge their patients’ personal, private medical history to complete strangers,” said Debra Henley, executive director of the Florida Justice Association. (Reported by the Tampa Tribune)

This new law allows a health care provider to be called as a witness and testify concerning the details of the patient’s medical history. This is a blatant breach of patient confidentiality and will give the defendant’s attorneys confidential information about the treatment the patient is receiving.

“Opponents argued when the bill was being debated that it would hurt people seeking medical malpractice claims. The also pointed to already stringent rules put in place a decade ago that have helped reduce the number of medical malpractice claims in Florida from about 2,000 in 2003 to about 900 last year,” the Tampa Tribune explained.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of a medical malpractice claim and need an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer then give Legally Pink Law a call today to schedule a consultation.