911 emergency

Carolyn Salzmann, a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando, Florida, advises you to do a few things after you have been involved in an accident. Once an accident has occurred, you may find yourself confused and unsure of what to do but you should make sure you dial 911 no matter what. Some people may try to convince you that dialing 911 is unnecessary and you can resolve the problem without the police. However, even if you do not have property damage and you feel fine, you must call 911 and report the accident. If you do not call 911 the insurance company will use this against you when we negotiate the value of your claim.

By calling the police you will initiate an investigation of the accident. The investigation of the crash will help Legally Pink Law with your accident lawsuit. The police will take the statements of any witnesses on the scene. The officer will also take statements for both parties involved in the car crash. If you were injured at the scene the officer can get the medical attention you may need as well as be a witness to any injuries sustained from the crash.

If any one was clearly at fault for the car accident, the officer will issue a citation. If the citation was issued to the other party involved in the car accident your personal injury lawyer will most likely use this information in your lawsuit. All of the information obtained by the officer at the scene will be valuable when you contact your car accident attorney and your insurance company to inform them about the accident.

So if you find yourself in need of an attorney after an automobile accident in Orlando, Florida then please give Legally Pink Law a call to schedule a consultation with Carolyn Salzmann.