Driving in the rain

Legally Pink Law knows that when these spring storms come rolling around it can be difficult to drive in the rain. With sheets of rain coming down like crazy, the road can be difficult to see. There are a few ways to keep yourself and other safe on the road during these thunderstorms.

“You should check your tires on a regular basis because bald tires significantly reduce your traction on wet roads, and they offer little resistance to hydroplaning. When your tires run over water, the water is displaced and it needs somewhere to go quickly. The best place is between the treads of your tires. If your tires are bald, the water has no place to go and you end up riding on a layer of water, like a boat,” SmartMotorist.com explains.

Turning on your wipers seems like an obvious solution during these storms, but you should also replace your wipers regularly, at least once a year. “If your wiper blades are in bad condition then they don’t clear water away from the windshield very well and can distort your view. Don’t follow large trucks or busses closely. Splash and spray from these vehicles can obscure your vision, creating a potentially disastrous driving situation. Keep your distance, and your windshield wipers on, when other traffic is in front of you,” SmartMotorist.com advises.

It’s also safe to turn on your light whenever visibility is poor because they let other drivers know where you are. Many states require headlights to be turned on when it is raining or when visibility is reduced to less than 500 feet. Driving on the highway can be especially difficult so make sure to leave lots of space between you and the car in front of you because it takes longer to stop. In dry weather, you’re supposed to leave a few seconds between cars. If you are in an automobile accident in Orlando, Florida then give Legally Pink Law a call to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys.