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Legally Pink Law is all about YOU! I want to paint a picture for you because sometimes it’s difficult to get across the point we’re trying to convey. What makes certain businesses so great is their attention to detail as well as their customer service. There is something so refreshing about walking into a business being greeted and taken care of like you have known these people for years. That’s what our staff at The Salzmann Firm works on accomplishing every day. Think back about the last time you had an amazing experience at a restaurant or a retail store, what made it so special? My guess is that someone paid special attention to you, to make sure that your needs were taken care of. Sometimes at large businesses, this gets overlooked.

Carolyn Salzmann opened Legally Pink Law in February 2010 because she wanted to offer phenomenal customer service when it came to handling personal injury cases in Orlando, Florida. I have had experiences with lawyers at big firms, and I’ll be honest getting the run around and never being able to get in contact with someone who knows anything about my case was extraordinarily frustrating—and I won’t make that mistake again. Choosing a smaller law firm is definitely the way to go because they pay attention to details and work their absolute hardest to get you the best settlement possible. Recently, Legally Pink Law settled a case against a major insurance company. The client’s first attorney, a big PI firm, only got a $7,000.00 offer and told the client to take it. Fortunately, she declined this offer and hired Legally Pink Law. Carolyn Salzmann settled this case for $200,000.00. That’s the difference personal attention makes! So when you need a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando, Florida then give Legally Pink Law a call!