Billie Jo Belcher

Billie Jo Belcher

Injury Attorney with a Background as a Prosecutor

Attorney Billie Jo Belcher earned a stellar reputation as a prosecutor in the state of Ohio and carries that reputation into the world of personal injury. Before joining Legally Pink Law, PLLC (Legally Pink Law) as a senior trial attorney, Ms. Belcher was awarded the Prosecutor of the Year award for the entire state of Ohio.

Working as a prosecutor for over 12 years, Ms. Belcher's hard-working nature and assertive attitude allowed her to successfully prosecute some of the most heinous crimes. She also worked heavily on appeals to ensure that the criminals she prosecuted stayed behind bars. Ms. Belcher's experience in DUI manslaughter cases and dealing with brain injury arguments in capital murder cases made her a natural for personal injury cases.

Ms. Belcher's background involved extensive work in recovering vehicle black box data and reconstructing deadly accidents. When handling automobile accidents and vehicle products liability cases in her current practice as an Orlando personal injury attorney, Ms. Belcher draws on her experience and is able to maximize the value of her clients' cases. Her ability to communicate to a jury and explain these technical aspects is an invaluable asset to Legally Pink Law.

Special Focus on Brain Injury Cases

Brain injury cases, whether mild or traumatic, are more frequently becoming part of personal injury claims, primarily due to new technology that can help identify brain injuries, as well as to a growing number of scientists and doctors who can diagnose and treat brain injuries. Ms. Belcher has developed a special focus in dealing with brain injury clients and presenting these cases to the insurance companies, which often do not understand these types of injuries. A well-presented brain injury case is an art and something that Ms. Belcher has mastered.

Driven, Well-Respected Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

With her impressive knowledge of relevant case law, Ms. Belcher possesses an uncanny ability to spot issues, marshal facts to support her client's position, and present it in an organized, succinct manner. Her numerous awards and recognitions reflect that ability. With a distinctive combination of legal skill and a vibrant personality, Ms. Belcher works hard in every aspect of her career and accepts challenges that come her way, working with great determination to overcome and triumph in the end.

Through her professional demeanor and loyalty, Ms. Belcher has earned the respect of many attorneys and judges, as well as her coworkers who can always count on her. Carolyn Salzmann and the team at Legally Pink Law are proud to have Billie Jo Belcher as their senior trial attorney.

Awards & Accolades

  • Prosecutor of the Year - State of Ohio

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