Energy drink concept

Do you have a case of the Mondays? Before you grab an energy drink to pull through the day, your Orlando product liability attorneys at Legally Pink Law remind you to proceed with caution.

While caffeine may give you a temporary boost of energy and focused attention, an energy drink with 240mg of caffeine is the equivalent of seven cups of coffee. In addition to caffeine, energy drinks also contain other stimulants derived from plants to further increase heart rate and blood flow. In October 2012, a Consumer Reports investigation found that 27 of the most popular brands of energy drinks in the US contained a different amount of caffeine than was on the label, or did not list the amount of caffeine at all.

The highly popular Monster Energy Drink has been marketed to teens and kids, resulting in a lawsuit filed by San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera claiming that the Monster caffeine levels can lead to elevated blood pressure, seizures and cardiac arrest. Young people with previously undetected heart conditions can die as a result of energy drink ingestion.

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