Earlier this week we reviewed Carolyn Salzmann’s credentials for handling your Orlando auto accident case. Today we will discuss the difference between compensatory and punitive damages.

Compensatory damages cover your:

  • economic losses, including medical expenses and loss of wages both past and future
  • pain, suffering, and mental anguish

Punitive damages cover:

In addition to basic awards to compensate you for your actual injury or expenses, you may also be awarded punitive or exemplary damages. These damages prevent the at-fault driver from making the same mistakes again. This is especially relevant if the accident was the result of malicious, vindictive, willful, wanton or reckless driving. Keeping an auto on the road knowing that its condition is a danger to other drivers may also constitute damages.

Anyone named in the suit, not just the driver who caused the immediate accident, can be made to pay damage awards as well. These include vehicle manufacturers, government agencies, utility companies and others.

Contact Carolyn Salzmann today to determine whether you qualify for compensatory or punitive damages. Even if you and the other drive are both at fault, Legally Pink Law may be able to help you recover compensation.