At Legally Pink Law, we know that your medical malpractice case is something you’d like to have resolved quickly. Today we discuss how long a malpractice lawsuit can take and when you might expect a settlement.

Because each case is different, the length of a suit can vary widely. But in nearly every case, medical malpractice lawsuits are lengthy. The suit rarely involves the healthcare provider directly and instead deals with the provider’s malpractice insurance carrier. These carriers have legal teams dedicated to defeated malpractice claims, so you can expect a vigorous counterargument to your claim.

Some Florida malpractice cases can be resolved in months, but most take years. Keep this timeframe in mind when selecting your Orlando medical malpractice attorney. You want someone you can work with over a long span of time and whose practice is suited to handling lengthy and complex cases. We encourage you to contact Legally Pink Law today to begin consideration of your malpractice suit.