Modern Home 3d printer make object

A recent New York Times article summarizes both the potential of 3-D computing and the possible legal implications of this new technology for both producers and consumers. At Legally Pink Law, we’re interested in protecting consumers and we foresee legal implications with Orlando product liability and medical devices manufactured using these new technologies.

3-D printers are essentially manufacturing machines that can build and “print out” objects made of rubber, metal, plastic, or ceramic. 3-D printers can produce sculpture, shoes, and even furniture. The problem comes with patents; as a designer, it’s your specifications that make the product unique. But a 3-D printed can easily copy and reproduce those objects, making it easier for consumers to reproduce materials without paying a surcharge to the original designer.

Of course, we don’t yet know the implications for 3-D printing and medical devices or laboratory-grade equipment, but at Legally Pink Law we stand ready to tackle the new legal challenges inherent with innovation. If you have questions regarding 3-D printing as it relates to product liability and medical devices, call us today!