money out of pocket

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Orlando, Florida then you may find yourself shelling out money that you shouldn’t have to because insurance claims haven’t been completed or there’s some other hold up. This is why Legally Pink Law is available to help you with all of your personal injury needs. That money you have to pay might be considered out-of-pocket expenses that you are able to recover. An “out-of-pocket” expense is one that is incurred and paid for by the individual.

Out-of-pocket expenses are the economic damages you have suffered as a result of your injuries. We seek to recover these damages from the at fault party by including them as part of the demand package when seeking to settle your claim. If for any reason the case does not settle in the "pre-suit phase," the case will continue on to court where we will ask a jury for your out-of-pocket expenses on the verdict form.

At Legally Pink Law, we are experts in handling all types of automobile, motorcycle, trucking and pedestrian accidents. The Salzmann Firm focuses exclusively on injury law cases allowing us to be experts in our field and this expertise allows you to recover the maximum value of your claim. So if you find yourself in an automobile accident and in need of a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando, Florida then please give Legally Pink Law a call today.